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Please enter and exit slowly and safely, with last out to close the gate. Cars have access to both carparks. Parking is not permitted at the allotment or on the grass. Cars are permitted to drive into the site  strictly  for off-loading, exclusively on the hard surface areas only. 



Anything that requires building: shed, polytunnel, greenhouse, frameworks etc must be given permission before purchase. Once authorised a  location will be agreed. Please request a BBQ form if you wish to use the BBQ for the season



All items which require delivery from a 3rd party/ considered a heavy loads/ needs greater access must be given advanced permission beforehand. Once permission has been granted we will require the order details/item information, supplier details (if req) before agreeing  a delivery/drop off date which must be accepted by the member 



We want all our furry friends to be welcome aswell as those not so doggy confident. All dogs must be kept on a lead before leaving your car and exiting your allotment. Dog fouling is not permitted on any part of the site. All dog mess must be cleaned and brought home



In order to be as eco friendly as possible and keep water charges FREE all members are required to have a water butt. Hoses should only be used to fill water containers/water butt



Members are not permitted to supply/sell/distribute any item where the intended use is within the confines of Little Green. 

Fires of any kind 

Camping Stoves

Paddling Pools

Peat compost

Compost Bins

If there is an item not on the list that you are unsure of, please check as it may need permission



Most breaches of the rules are due to an oversight or genuine misunderstanding. Where there is a minor breach and issue made clear the member will be given adequate time to resolve. Major breaches will result in dissolution of membership with immediate effect. 

Major Breach:

Harassment or Abuse of any kind


Consistent non compliance to permissions/prohibitions



In the event the membership is no longer required, please let us know immediately. The allotment must be vacated before the renewal date and returned to a manageable state. A £60 fee applies if the allotment is left in a untidy



All plots are expected to be kept tidy and not allowed to become overgrown. Overgrown plots will be issued with a maintenance notice for the plot to be returned to  a managed state within a resonable time frame

March - Sept: resolved within 2 weeks of notice

Oct - Feb: resolved within 3 weeks of notice



Member experience is so important to us so please contact us immediately if there is an issue you would like to discuss. In the event your concerns involves another member it will be dealt with under the strictest of confidence. Most issues are usually resolved  without our assistance but in the event the issue is one of a sensitive nature or requires us to intervene please send us a email or contact us directly. 



Allotment renewals are to be  paid no later than the last working day of the renewal month. You will be sent a renewal reminder for your convenience. If the allotment has not been renewed after a reminder notice has been given and there has been no response or payment within 4 weeks of the renewal date it will be assumed the allotment will no longer be required and the allotment will be released. (All members must ensure that contact details are up to date for the renewal year)



Members are asked to bring all rubbish home for recycling.

Weeds can be disposed of in the communal compost heap. Organic cow manure is mixed through where this is then turned through the year resulting in FREE compost for the site. Only organic waster is permitted:

NO rubbish, plastics or packaging. Make sure to check before you tip

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